TOP 5: Best FREE MUSIC Player Software 2017

TOP 5: Best FREE MUSIC Player Software 2017
In this Windows video I will be showing you my top 5 music or audio players of 2017.

Aimp Download Link:
Itunes Download Link:
Musicbee Download Link:
Mediamonkey Download Link:
Foobar2000 Download Link:



  1. Soulaesthete on

    MusicBee has every feature that you could possibly want in an audio player, it is highly customizable, and it’s free. I would encourage you to check it out. In my opinion, MusicBee is absolutely AWESOME and is my favorite.

  2. Ruslan Vasiliev on

    It is 2017 but every freeware/open software desktop music player looks like shit. Even linux applications are WAY better. UI designers are like ‘fuck this, im gonna design another 23251th messenger or fitness app’.


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